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Radio Commercials

DVdogs Production House specializes in recording, editing and mixing audio for Radio Commercials, Jingles and Voiceovers.  We develop creative mixes that help our clients standout from all the noise.  We make top notch audio, but it also has a goal: To increase traffic for your business and increase awareness for your brand!  This our provides our clients with a unique voice on radio to their goals, generating a bigger bottom line for your business.  Below is an example of a full audio production complete with jingle, voiceover and audio from the employees…

Freeway Sports Center – Yamaha Clearance

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DVdogs Production House has an extensive Royalty Free music collection and Royalty Free sound effects library at our paws and we can help you choose the right feel for your radio spot or audio production. Hard Sell, Soft Sell, Emotional, High Impact, just to name just a few.  Our expansive audio library will add memorable music and sizzling sound effects to your audio or video production.  Give DVdogs Production House at call today at (810) 750-9152 or click here for a Free Quote.

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